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History of Eagle Bay Community Hall
In February of 1950, a meeting was held to discuss the building of a hall to replace the old school house, which sold in 1948 for $750.

From the several sites offered for donation, the land belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coates was chosen.  John and Hans Whitehead brought logs out to the Whitehead Mill, while Major Howden, Francis Turgeon, and George Whitehead hauled gravel to the site to get the project started.  As Mary Turgeon later explained, "volunteers donated as much time and experience as they had." Volunteers handled every aspect of construction until the last step:  Roy Burke was hired to lay a 'floor suitable for dancing.' (We dance on that floor to this day.)  The Opening Dance in the new one-room Community Hall was held October 11, 1959.

The kitchen was originally located at the eastern end of the building, where the ladies' dressing room is today, and heat was provided by wood-burning stove. Coffee was perked in two large stainless steel kettles made by Ernie Whitehead; a major feat considering the hall, at that time, did not have plumbing for water or drainage.

In the near 60 years since opening, the hall has expanded to include a kitchen, games room, bar, cloakroom, covered entrance, and indoor washroom facilities.

One thing that has not changed since 1950 is that the hall continues to be operated and maintained by volunteers - still willing to donate as much time and experience as they have.
History of Eagle Bay
has shared her family photo album with us - a unique view of life in Eagle Bay dating back to 1947:
spent many years compiling three large binders of photos, stories, and historical
documentation for Eagle Bay.  We are proud and honoured to be able
to share this information:
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