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Emergency Preparedness
Eagle Bay Volunteer Fire Department
Eagle Bay Community Association
Working Together to Ensure Eagle Bay is Prepared in the Event of an Emergency

Are you ready if an Emergency were to happen in the Eagle Bay Area?
Each year, there continues to be the risk of Wildfires in our area and last year was particularly bad for the whole of BC. All Eagle Bay residents need to be prepared for this and other types of emergencies that could occur. Wildfires, flooding and prolonged power outages are emergencies that could easily affect us all.

Emergency Preparedness
We have created a network of residents within the Eagle Bay Fire Protection Area, who are prepared to act as Emergency Communicators to forward accurate and important information to their local neighbors, in the event of an Emergency.  For more information, contact:

Alan Rendell, Fire Chief
Eagle Bay Volunteer Fire Department

With the possibility of wildfires, flooding and other events affecting our local
neighbourhood at any time, the following useful information is available:

Active wildfire maps and information on Wild Fires in BC

Information on roads and any potential road closures.

An air quality advisory is issued when pollutant concentrations approach or exceed predetermined limits, or when degraded-air-quality episodes are expected to continue or worsen.

Canada Smoke Forecasts

If an emergency happens in your neighbourhood, it may take emergency workers some time to reach you.  You should be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for a minimum of 72 hours.

You and your neighbours can reduce the hazards of Wildfire by following these simple preventative steps.

Your local source for up-to-date water levels, temperatures, weather information, and visitor information in the Shuswap Lake region.
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