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Revitalization Project - Eagle Bay Hall Outdoor Area
As many of you will know, the Eagle Bay Community Association (EBCA) has been working with the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) and our community to revitalize the community hall outdoor area.  Surveys of our residents, conducted last year, as well as information sessions and focus groups have provided critical information for the design and development of the area.

We are close to finalizing our community input, along with input from the Parks Advisory, and will be conducting the last of the focus sessions in December 2019 along with design architects, our Area Director, and the Parks Planning Team from the CSRD.

The outdoor area design coming out of the December meeting will allow for budgets to be drawn up and submitted to CSRD Directors for their approval in March 2020.  Paul Demenok, our Area C Director, has been critical in setting the stage and supporting our efforts.  Once approval is granted, the project is contemplated to be developed in 2 phases.

Phase 1 will begin in the fall of 2020 with the excavation of the outdoor area, the demolition of the current tennis/basketball court, the playground area, and some outbuildings.  This demolition will not include the bottle recycling shed.  The recycling shed is not included in the CSRD Right-of-Way agreement.  Throughout the construction we want to ensure that our community will continue to support our recycling work.  Also, the timing of Phase 1 will not disrupt Eagle Bay Day celebration.  This coming year, 2020, marks the 70th anniversary of Eagle Bay Day and we are moving ahead with our plans to celebrate with the Eagle Bay community, past and present.

Phase 2 of the project will begin in the spring of 2021.  We are looking forward to the development of pickle ball court, a fully updated children's playground, new picnic facilities, an adult fitness area, outdoor toilets, and more.
Cathy Wolf
December 2019


The Eagle Bay Community Association (EBCA) has been working with the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) and the community at large to revitalize the community hall grounds to address the changing needs and interests of Eagle Bay residents and visitors.  On October 25, the public was invited to share their questions, concerns, and ideas regarding the landscaping and design of the outdoor area surrounding the Eagle Bay Community Hall.  The meeting was well attended.  Paul Demenok, Area C Director, and Ryan Nitchie from CSRD Community Services, were also present.

Updates were provided regarding the status of the project.  A Right-of-Way agreement is being negotiated, with hopes to have both parties sign off by spring of 2019.  The Board of the CSRD would then be able to bring forward budget issues for project approval.  In the interim, community focus groups will be meeting with the Parks Planning Department to prepare design and landscaping for the area.

Early in October an online survey was sent to EBCA members to solicit their input into what is possible considering the space and budget available. Over 50 responses were received and tabulated.

Results from the survey showed that the Eagle Bay community services a variety of age groups.  While seniors (65 and over) were the largest identified group, youth under 19 were identified as the second largest group.

The survey provided a list of possible outdoor features, as well as an open-ended response for further suggestions.  Within the list features, a multi-sport area including tennis, pickleball, ball hockey and basketball tied with a children's playground as a first priority.  A covered picnic/cooking area, drinking fountain, several grassy areas with picnic tables, and an adult exercise ground were second.  An outdoor bandstand and pickleball courts were selected as third choices. There were other suggestions as well, such as fencing in the parking area, a ropes course, an open area for recreational activities, and an artificial skating rink. It is also noted in the survey that features such as outdoor toilets and security lighting will be provided in any design selected.  While expanded parking facilities were also identified as a priority, presently there is no additional parking space available.

The EBCA wants to thank everyone who participated in the survey or joined in at the public consultation meeting.  Many in the community have expressed their interest in participating in future activities.  Revitalizing the outdoor area around the Hall certainly offers one way of making a community safe and caring.

Cathy Wolf
November 2018

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